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Audit Manager

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Audit Manager

What are you going to do as a..

As an Audit manager you will be the leader of the audit team, it is important to present yourself as an example and help others to grow. Besides the standart audit accountant functions, you will also be a strategic partner for large SME clinets from a variety of sectors (IT, automotive, contstruction etc.). This position entails a lot of freedom, as you can develop the office in your own style.

What is offered to you as a ...

• 30 vacation days
• Flexible working hours
• Mentorship opportunities
• Great network opportunities
• Competative compensation

What is expected of you?

• (Almost) completed RA or AA training
• More than 6 years of audit experience
• Fluent in English and/or German
• Ambitious and quality oriented

Where are you going to work?

This consultancy firm drives innovation in the accounting and consultancy business across Europe. The entreprenurial team consists of driven professionals who leverage the international network of the firm while maintening a personal approach at each individual office. This presents a healthy mix of the benefits associated with working for a start-up with the ones of being part of an established organization. The firm has proven itself on the market and now aims to expand. Do you have what it takes to join them?

Learn more or apply directly?

If you want to learn more, apply or are looking for professional development in finance, contact me via mail on stefan.maznev@fivefinancerecruitment.com or on the phone +31640698652.

If you're unsure about the position, call me and we can discuss possible career opportunities tailored to your expertice and ambitions.



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Stefan Maznev
+31 640 698 652
City Rotterdam


Stefan Maznev
+31 10-7549100

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